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The Big Ten

on June 20, 2012
No, as much as Matt would like it, I’m not talking about The Big Ten Conference; I’m talking about Westin turning 10 months old today!  I’m talking about 10 fingers and 10 toes that just keep growing.  I’m talking about countless late nights and even more smiles.
We’ve entered a very fun stage of parenting.  Westin is crawling and reaching for favorite toys and people.  He is very interactive, responds to facial expressions, and loves singing, dancing, and playing peek-a-boo.  He babbles and squeals with nearly constant excitement and is equally vocal about letting us know when it’s time to sleep.  Sometimes he hums and sings while nodding off.
I’m astounded by all the changes that take place in the first year of life–how a helpless infant becomes mobile and vocal, how an eternally sleepy soul becomes lively, how a seemingly blank slate blossoms into a personality.
Westin, at 10 months, you are positively charming!  Your blue eyes still get lots of comments, but people have started talking about something new:  your hair.  There’s quite a difference comparing your 6-month picture to your 9-month picture.  Now your hair is long and thick and curly and light brown instead of the dark head of hair you were born with.  Your traits resemble all of your daddy’s features at your age, so much so that people call you Little Matt (LM) and Matt, Jr. (MJ).  I was told I was just your incubator because you bear little resemblance to me!
You have so many favorite activities, and you keep exploring new things.  Baby proofing has become an ongoing process now that you’re on the move.  Sometimes it seems like you get from one end of a room to the other in the blink of an eye.  You are fascinated by cabinet doors that open and close, and you like to play with spring door stoppers and cabinet door handles that jingle .  You like to try “big boy” things like mommy and daddy’s ice pops and drinking from mommy and daddy’s glasses.  You can grasp food now and feed yourself small snacks. 
Things that supposedly calm other babies make you excited, like baths and your crib mobile.  You also love the vacuum!  Lately you’ve taken great interest in the basket of onions and potatoes in our kitchen.  You like the dry, crunchy onion skin and leave pieces of it crumbled all over the floor.  You also enjoy drumming on flat surfaces, standing at the tub edge watching your bathwater pour out of the faucet, and rolling a ball back and forth.  You are still quite fascinated by lights (and fireworks!) and smile and sometimes even giggle when you see them.  I believe grabbing Morgan’s tail was your main motivation for learning to crawl, as it is still one of your favorite things to chase after.
You now have five teeth and show them off frequently with wild smiles of glee.  Much to my dismay, you recently started grinding your teeth!  This seems to happen most during meal time.  You are eating three solid food meals a day and trying new foods and textures.  You recently enjoyed a few bites of ice cream!  
Diaper changes have become a challenge.  You just want to move, move, move.  I used to love diaper changes because it was a chance for us to interact face-to-face.  You shared many of your first smiles and giggles with me during diaper changes, and I savored those moments, even the messy ones!  Now you are twisting and turning, and the only giggles I seem to get are when you make a game out of escaping me–and win!  You are also crawling and reaching during bath time, which presents new challenges, and dinner has to be perfectly timed before you get too tired and want nothing to do with your food.   
We recently watched the new Alvin and the Chipmunks movie, and you loved all the high-pitched singing.  You always turn your head any time there is music on TV.  Your favorite song is Row Row Row Your Boat.  We sing during happy times, but I also keep it in my arsenal to try to cheer you up during fussy times too.  We sing a lot during the car ride to and from daycare, and we talk about the things you are going to do and the people you are going to see each day.  
In just two months we’ll celebrate your first birthday.  By then you could be walking!  You are trying so hard to pull yourself up to stand.  It’s really been neat seeing you process (and practice!) each new stage of mobility.  Crawling certainly wasn’t something you learned from us, but you did it!  I love watching you scramble across the floor to a favorite toy or new curiosity, your butt bobbing in the air.  Keep growing and learning, and I will keep loving you always.

2 responses to “The Big Ten

  1. Jen Leedy says:

    I so enjoy you sharing this. It brings back memories for me of just a few months ago. It is just so amazing how quickly they grow! He is such a little sweetheart.

  2. Jen, I’ve been working on Westin’s first year album, and I can’t believe the difference between Ashlynn now and when you visited at the hospital. These babies are growing beautifully but way too fast!

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