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Talia May Turns 1 Today!

on April 12, 2012


My niece, Talia, celebrates her first birthday today!   Talia, what a joy you are!  One year ago, we all waited with anticipation to hear about your birth.  You arrived on your due date, and after nine months of waiting, we were all so excited to meet you.  My parents were so proud to take on their new role as grandparents.  You were the first of many good things–the first grandchild, the first girl, and Westin’s first playmate.  How lucky he is to have a friend in you!


It has brought us so much happiness to watch you grow.  In such a short time you’ve gone from a 7 lb 12 oz baby girl to a wide-eyed, chipmunk-toothed, crawling, talking bundle of fun!   Already you can tell us that a cow says “moo” and an owl says “who.”  I can’t wait to see all the other things you learn.  I have enjoyed your kisses, your dance moves, your wild smiles, and your squeals of happiness.  You’ve shown me just how special it is to be an aunt.  Watching you play and interact with Westin has sometimes made me laugh that genuine, happy kind of laugh that just feels good.  I hope we can laugh like that together some day.


Talia, after you were born, your mommy told me she missed seeing her poppies bloom while she was at the hospital.  I knew then that despite her disappointment, those poppies really don’t matter anymore.  You’re her poppy now, her most favorite flower of all.  She can watch you blossom and bloom throughout all the seasons.  You won’t wilt, you won’t fade–your vibrance will bring us cheer always.   GROW…show us what a beautiful little flower you are.


This weekend, I so look forward to gathering with our family to celebrate YOU!  What a happy occasion it will be to share in your smiles and dream of new dreams for the year ahead.  You are so loved, baby girl, and I hope you feel the warmth of that love every time we’re together.  Your mommy, daddy, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and more–we’re here for you.  Let our love be your comfort, your guide.  Let it build you up into a confident and independent little girl.  The world is yours!


Happy Birthday!  We love you!!!

XOXO with love and giggles

~ Auntie, Uncle Matt, and Westin


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